Berenberg Capital: Bitcoin Halving Boosts Saylor’s MicroStrategy

Jul. 11, 2023
Berenberg Capital: Bitcoin Halving Boosts Saylor’s MicroStrategy

New York-based investment firm Berenberg Capital Markets has released a comprehensive analysis. The analysis projects a surge in Bitcoin value ahead of its upcoming halving event, set to occur in approximately four months.

MicroStrategy, the technology company founded by Michael Saylor, is poised to capitalize on this anticipated market development. Bitcoin-oriented stocks are expected to benefit from this development.

Berenberg Capital stated that Bitcoin halvings historically lead to substantial price growth. The cryptocurrency’s value tends to surge before and after each halving. From past trends, experts predict that the rally preceding the upcoming halving will commence within the projected four-month timeframe.

Berenberg Capital’s research note emphasizes the predetermined trajectory of Bitcoin’s supply. It highlights the importance of accurately gauging overall demand to ascertain the potential scale of a future rally.

To support their optimistic perspective, the firm cites the increasing number of spot Bitcoin ETF applications from renowned asset managers, indicating a growing institutional acceptance of Bitcoin.

The research report, authored by equity analyst Mark Palmer and his associates Matthew Laflash and Hassan Saleem, concludes that MicroStrategy benefits greatly. This is due to the projected surge in Bitcoin’s value. Berenberg Capital has set a price target of $430 for the company, reflecting its confidence in its potential growth.

Historical Trends & Institutional Acceptance Support Positive Outlook

Examining historical data, the analysts note that 367 days after the third Bitcoin halving, the cryptocurrency’s price peaked at $1,164. This observation further strengthens the expectation of a bullish trend following the fourth halving event.

Moreover, the researchers assert that the increasing interest in Bitcoin is demonstrated through spot Bitcoin ETF applications. These applications from prominent asset managers strongly indicate growing institutional acceptance.

This institutional support is poised to fuel further demand for Bitcoin, contributing to the projected rally. Berenberg Capital advises investors to consider acquiring this article as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) to commemorate this significant historical moment.

It also endorses independent journalism within cryptocurrency in light of these findings. Safeguarding this article as an NFT allows readers to solidify their connection to the evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies. They can seize the opportunities presented by this dynamic market.

As the Bitcoin halving count continues, all eyes are on MicroStrategy, positioned to capitalize on the expected surge in Bitcoin’s value. With Berenberg Capital’s optimistic outlook and a target price of $430, Michael Saylor’s company could potentially witness substantial growth in the coming months.

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