An Inside Look at PAWChain: Simplifying Crypto for the Masses

May. 2, 2024
An Inside Look at PAWChain: Simplifying Crypto for the Masses

The last few years have seen an astronomical growth in the crypto market. However, many people still perceive blockchain technology as difficult and complex. The PAW ecosystem is introducing a simple crypto solution to address this issue: PAWChain, “the multi-chain maestro”.

PAWChain: An All-in-One Crypto Gateway

PAWChain is an extensive community oriented ecosystem of products and services that seeks mainstream crypto adoption through simple and straightforward multi-chain transactions. According to their whitepaper, it was established with core values of decentralisation, security, and community empowerment. Among other things, it aims to eliminate CEX dependency while promoting DAO for joint governance to improve crypto trading for everyone.

PAW roadmap

The foundation for the ecosystem will be PAWChain. This multi-layered approach will consist of a contractual layer for smart contracts, a ZK roll-up layer for transaction batching, and a primary cross-chain layer for seamless token transfers between different networks. This is a new approach encompassing an L1, L2 and L3 which is built like no other chain in existence. Network traffic significantly decreases due to this architecture as well as scalability. This translates to trading across chains with seamless bridging and also ease of use for inexperienced users and experienced traders alike. This technology will help onboard the next generation of crypto investors. Once the mainnet of the chain is live, the PAW Swap ERC20 token will migrate to a new native coin for the blockchain.

PAW Swap itself, not to be confused with the legacy ERC20 token, is the heart of the ecosystem where all the trades occur. It is also where token developers will create liquidity pools for their projects that will be released on PAWChain. The unique feature of PAWChain, and implementing liquidity on PAW Swap, is that once your project is created it will instantly be multi-chain accessible. Long term goal of the chain is to have pools on any and all crypto chains that have safely been audited. It will also have advanced trading options such as limit orders and direct fiat onramps. This will eliminate the need for CEX reliance for defi enthusiasts. A PAW debit card will also be implemented; enabling users to make purchases directly with their crypto and bypass on/offramps. PAW Swap’s pending mempool transactions are invisible without knowing the transaction ID, only the sender from their own wallet can see it. This technology will prevent front-running, shielding users’ profits and privacy.

The swap will sit on the L3 of the ecosystem. The L3 is the first of its kind that allows seamlessly fast transactions between the L1 with tokens. It includes a custom ledger solution that has listening nodes which monitor other chains and the custom bridge solutions for transactions and immediately records them to the L3. Validators will validate blocks via multiple ledgers on L1, L2 and L3 with the assistance of the listening nodes.

PAW Aggregator

Another feature is the PAW Aggregator, which is an aggregator of aggregators. Meaning it hunts many LP sources and finds the best available trade for your tokens. The PAW Aggregator has in-built robust analytics and risk management tools that enable users to make informed trading decisions and move between different blockchains easily. The true utility of the aggregator will show with the release of PAW Swap.

PAW Merchant, a first-of-its-kind off-chain crypto transaction. It has functions such as the Merchant API and P2P off-chain trade.

In addition to the utilities already listed the team also has plans to build PAW Club. It will be a social experience to interact with the chain that includes educational aspects as well as fun. There are plans for blockchain gaming to further enhance the experience.

All of these utilities will cohesively connect to create a lively ecosystem in which each utility compliments the other. This vision of a greater defi experience under one all encompassing ecosystem (and single coin) will aim to bring users on board and create greater visibility for decentralised finance.

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