Ethereum Co-founder Moves $40M In $ETH Amid SEC’s Binance Charges

Jun. 7, 2023
Ethereum Co-founder Moves $40M In $ETH Amid SEC’s Binance Charges

Jeffrey Wilcke, the co-founder of Ethereum ($ETH), has made a transfer in a surprising move. He delivered over 22,000 tokens worth around $40 million of the second-biggest cryptocurrency by market value. A significant cryptocurrency exchange received the tokens.

This transfer originated right before the United States (SEC) stated that it had filed charges over Binance. Binance is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. Lookonchain found Ethereum blockchain data suggesting Wilcke initiated the transfer after SEC action against Binance.

Despite this significant transaction, Wilcke’s wallet still holds more than 150,000 ETH, totaling $280 million. The cryptocurrency market experienced a notable downturn after the SEC’s lawsuit against Binance.

Various digital assets suffered losses ranging from 2% to 7% over the past 24 hours. While BTC and ETH fell by 3.7% and 2.6% each, Binance’s BNB fell by more than 7%. Wilcke’s transfer breaks the 29-month silence and moves funds from the Ethereum address, making it highly notable in recent news.

The last recorded transaction from his address occurred 29 months ago. Kraken, another cryptocurrency trading platform, received a transfer of 15,000 units of Ethereum. The same platform received Wilcke’s latest transfer of 22,000 ETH.

However, Kraken’s information indicates they did not immediately sell all the transferred ETH on the market. Binance claims full cooperation with SEC investigations, addressing concerns diligently while facing charges from the regulatory authority.

The exchange expressed disappointment in the SEC’s unilateral action, criticizing its failure to provide clear guidance to the digital asset industry. Binance reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring the security of user assets on its platforms, including Binance U.S.

Patrick Hillmann, Chief Communications Officer of Binance, approached social media to address the situation. He stated there is “zero evidence” to suggest that users’ funds were at risk. He emphasized that there has been no misuse or improper expenditure of user funds for corporate purposes.


As the SEC’s charges against Binance continue to unfold, the cryptocurrency industry remains under scrutiny. Investors and industry watch eagerly, seeking clarity and regulations to create a stable and secure digital asset ecosystem.

Future Implications For Ethereum & The Cryptocurrency Market

As Ethereum’s co-founder makes a significant transfer amidst regulatory uncertainty, the cryptocurrency market braces itself for potential aftershocks. The actions of influential figures within the industry can ripple effects on market sentiment and investor confidence.

The movement of such a substantial amount of ETH raises questions about Wilcke’s motivations and outlook on the regulatory landscape. Moreover, the SEC’s charges against Binance highlight the increasing scrutiny faced by cryptocurrency exchanges and the need for greater regulatory clarity.

The conclusion of this court dispute will almost certainly define the future of cryptocurrency rules in the United States and can impact the worldwide market.

Despite the recent market downturn, Ethereum’s resilience is evident in Wilcke’s decision to retain a substantial portion of his holdings. Ethereum’s technology and adoption remain strong, solidifying its position as a dominant force in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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Market players are interested in observing how the regulatory landscape evolves as the Bitcoin sector navigates these complex oceans. They also wonder how Ethereum and other digital assets will weather the storm.

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