Bitcoin Ordinals Unveils Upgrade To Address ‘Cursed Inscriptions’ Problem

Jun. 6, 2023
Bitcoin Ordinals Unveils Upgrade To Address ‘Cursed Inscriptions’ Problem

The creators of the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol have introduced a much-anticipated upgrade in a significant development. This upgrade aims to address the longstanding issue of “cursed inscriptions.”

This upgrade aims to rectify over 71,000 invalid inscriptions, allowing them to be traded freely within the Bitcoin community. The move relieves many users who could not capitalize on these unique artifacts.

On June 4, a team of developers led by renowned Twitter user Raphjaph proudly announced the release of the upgraded Bitcoin Ordinals protocol, now at version 0.6.0. This upgrade marks a significant step forward in the protocol’s growth since it addresses the longstanding issue of dealing with “cursed inscriptions.”

The latest upgrade of Bitcoin Ordinals has enabled the indexing of previously disregarded inscriptions rendered invalid and unrecognized due to improper use of opcodes or intentional misuse.

Casey Rodarmor, the creator of Ordinals, first proposed to address this issue in late April. The objective was to recognize and transform these cursed inscriptions into “blessed” ones.

Implementing a block activation height allows the upgraded protocol to support a subset of the different types of cursed reminders. Specific categories of previously invalid notes will be indexed as positive descriptions, enhancing their traceability.

With the release of the v0.6.0 upgrade, the Bitcoin Ordinals community can rejoice. This breakthrough now enables over 70,000 existing cursed inscriptions to become tradable. Once marketplaces upgrade, users can trade unique artifacts, creating new opportunities.

LeonidasNFT, an influencer in Ordinals, emphasized the significance of this update. v0.6.0 now supports over 70k previously invalid inscriptions. The upgrade allows the trading of these previously unsupported artifacts.

Marketplaces embracing v0.6.0 can directly facilitate the trading of these items. Cursed inscriptions’ negative numbers shift, creating exciting possibilities in the Ordinals market for holders.

Bitcoin Ordinals: Uniquely Inscribed Nonfungible Asset Artifacts

Bitcoin Ordinals are nonfungible asset artifacts that allow for the inscription of data onto the minor division of a Bitcoin, known as a satoshi. In January, Casey Rodarmor launched a protocol. Thousands of notes imprinted on the Bitcoin blockchain gained widespread attention the following month.

The surge in popularity caused congestion and high fees, amplifying the demand for unique digital collectibles. Similar to the concept of Nonfungible Tokens (NFTs), ordinal inscriptions possess qualities of rarity and collectability.

The allure of having a distinct piece of data permanently etched onto the Bitcoin blockchain draws users. Early or converted inscriptions on satoshis hold potential for future value appreciation, making them highly sought-after within the crypto community.

The recent upgrade to the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol represents a significant stride towards resolving the longstanding issue of cursed inscriptions. Developers have paved the way for recognizing, indexing and trading these previously invalidated artifacts by introducing version 0.6.0.

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This advancement opens up new chances for users to participate in the Ordinals market. It provides potential long-term value for individuals who own these one-of-a-kind digital treasures. As Bitcoin Ordinals evolve, the crypto community eagerly awaits further enhancements and developments in this exciting field.

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