OKX & EndoTech.io Teams Up To Provide AI Algorithm-Powered Volatility Access For Users

Mar. 31, 2023
OKX & EndoTech.io Teams Up To Provide AI Algorithm-Powered Volatility Access For Users

OKX, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, and Web3 technology company has launched a new integration that utilizes AI algorithms to capture market volatility in real time, according to a March 31 announcement.

After the most recent upgrade to the controversial artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT-4, the technology has become a buzzword both inside and beyond the crypto sector.

Furthermore, AI technology is becoming more prevalent in the cryptocurrency business. There are various applications, from tracking blockchain transactions to deploying autonomous economic agents for trading.

On March 30, OKX joined the AI bandwagon by publishing an AI-generated poem from ChatGPT-4 about the business’s wallet.

However several academics and finance entrepreneurs have voiced worries about how AI would affect people and society. In a letter signed by 2,600 industry professionals, they called for a pause in AI development, highlighting the potential risks posed by human-competitive intelligence.

The integration comes hot on the heels of OKX’s announcement of its expansion into the Australian market and the shutdown of its former operations in Canada.

OKX’s Integration With EndoTech.io

OKX’s integration with EndoTech.io aims to capture real-time market volatility using advanced AI algorithms. The integration incorporates machine learning and other techniques to conduct real-time analyses of data and trading opportunities.

The platform’s goal is to assist OKX customers in keeping track of market changes and making wise trading choices. In order to trade successfully in the cryptocurrency realm, market volatility is essential, and the integration will give users helpful insights into trading possibilities.

Dmitry Gooshchin, COO of EndoTech.io, said understanding market volatility is essential for successful trading in the crypto space. The advanced AI algorithms used in the integration aim to provide users with accurate, real-time analyses of the market.

The integration represents OKX’s most recent effort to improve user experience and trading results. Moreover, OKX is incorporating AI to enhance user experience and give users useful market information.

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Therefore, Companies like OKX are integrating AI technology into their platforms. This highlights the growing importance of AI in the crypto sector despite certain challenges.

Besides that, it is expected that AI will play a bigger part in improving trade results and optimizing the user experience as the cryptocurrency industry continues to develop.

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