Cardano’s EVM Layer Takes The Lead: Milkomeda To Unveils Revolutionary Features

Mar. 31, 2023
Cardano’s EVM Layer Takes The Lead: Milkomeda To Unveils Revolutionary Features

Cardano (ADA) is making a significant move in the world of blockchain technology that could make it the top EVM chain by next month. The announcement was made by leading blockchain developer and Milkomeda co-founder Sebastien Guillemot, who tweeted that Cardano will be one of the largest EVM chains by user count. 

Milkomeda, which is Cardano’s EVM layer, is launching a new feature that allows every user to use EVM contracts directly from any Cardano wallet. It will be possible in pure ADA, making the blockchain network one of the largest EVM chains by user count.

In addition, Milkomeda is soon enabling staking rewards for all EVM users, including smart contract developers. Build in Cardano’s EVM layer and get paid automatically every five days, according to Guillemot.

For those interested in building on the network’s EVM-based Sidechain, Milkomeda has released a guide on how to build a Simple Voting DApp using the Thirdweb framework. By following the tutorial, developers can learn how to create and deploy a voting smart contract and build a web DApp to interact with it. 

With Thirdweb’s workflows, developers can quickly build the foundation of their web3 functionality. They can also create apps that interact with the blockchain in their favorite languages.

Furthermore, the blockchain network is poised to become a powerhouse in on-chain gaming with Paima + Milkomeda. Paima not only works in its ecosystem. Polkadot users can also use it from the Cardano ecosystem, thereby bringing all Polkadot users to the Cardano ecosystem.

However, they expect that this move by Cardano will shake up the blockchain industry and propel it to a leading position in the EVM chain world.

With Milkomeda’s new feature and Thirdweb framework, developers have the tools they need to create innovative applications on Cardano’s EVM-based Sidechain. It will be thrilling to observe the limitless opportunities that arise from this and witness the novel advancements that emerge.

Cardano Community Response To Guillemot’s Tweet

In response to community queries, Guillemot confirmed that EVM projects could deploy their dApps on the network through Milkomeda without requiring users to purchase extra tokens. Users can transact with ADA, the Cardano native token, on their deployable dApps.

When asked if projects using the EVM layer need to use Haskell, Guillemot clarified that it is a matter of connecting and deploying and not language-specific. He further stated that users without coding experience could make use of the milkomeda layer. Even if they only have a basic understanding of programming languages like Python.

Regarding access to existing Ethereum dApps on Milkomeda, Guillemot stated that it depends on the dApp’s community. He advised users to reach out to their favorite dApps and ask them to deploy on Milkomeda. 

Guillemot noted that many dApps use DAO voting to add new chains, which must come from their community. However, the Milkomeda announcement has generated excitement in the Cardano community. Many are looking forward to a seamless integration of Ethereum dApps on the Cardano platform.

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