Queue Unwinds Confirm Multichain Transactions: Report

Nov. 2, 2023
Queue Unwinds Confirm Multichain Transactions: Report

The last transactions occurred 117 days before Nov. 1, as recorded by Multichain’s Explorer tool. Data from Multichain’s explorer shows that the hacked cross-chain protocol Multichain has confirmed some transactions.

It has also reduced the number in the queue to just one. The destination chain records some transactions as established, and the Multichain Explorer records others but not on the destination chain.

Promptly alert users trying to view on the Multichain Explorer that browsers with the MetaMask wallet extension display a warning due to a hacking incident on the protocol.

Nevertheless, one can view it using a browser that has not been equipped with a Web 3 wallet. The website is safe, but one should not connect to Multichain using the wallet app does not support.

These transactions address a few instances and relate to the attacker’s attempts to move money or the team’s efforts at recovery. As of 9: There is just one remaining on-chain transaction at 18:0 PM UTC, as per Multichain’s Explorer.

Multichain Explorer: Nov. 1 Transaction Insights

Multichain block Explorer reports that confirmations began at around 9 am on Nov. 1. The destination chain has been confirmed in some of the transactions. For instance, about 20 Dai deposit.

On the source side of operations, we confirmed certain transactions. For example, we deposited approximately 20 Dai from Ethereum to Avalanche at 1:56 pm UTC, established on Avalanche.

Ethereum guaranteed 0.1 Bitcoin to Polygon at 2, showing 44 on the Multichain blockchain. However, it is not verified on Polygon.

The blockchain analytics platform notices the resumption of transactions in the morning. It publishes its report on the X (ex-Twitter) platform.

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The sending account, in some instances, shows several transactions for Nov.1, which means that the sender trusted the protocol to be correct.

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