Coinbase Faces 20% Plunge In Stock Value As SEC Lawsuit Unfolds

Jun. 12, 2023
Coinbase Faces 20% Plunge In Stock Value As SEC Lawsuit Unfolds

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase experienced a sharp decline of more than 20% in its stock value on June 6. This decline followed the filing a lawsuit by the United States Securities and Commission (SEC).

As of this writing, shares had partially rebounded from their previous decline and were being traded at $50.14, showing an increase from a minimum of $46.43 reached during the day. The firm’s current market capitalization is at a record-high $13.7 billion.

This setback coincided with a simultaneous regulatory action by a task force comprising state security regulators. As Coinbase grapples with these legal challenges, investors remain wary, resulting in a significant drop in the company’s market capitalization.

According to the SEC’s complaint, Coinbase is an illegal national securities exchange, broker, and clearing agency. Additionally, the regulatory body claims Coinbase failed to register its crypto asset staking-as-a-service program for offer and sale.

Furthermore, these alleged actions by Coinbase have drawn criticism from SEC Chair Gary Gensler. He emphasizes the detrimental impact on investor protection.

Gensler emphasizes that investors have been deprived of essential safeguards. These include anti-fraud measures, proper disclosure practices, safeguards against conflicts of interest, and routine inspection by the SEC.

As soon as possible following the SEC statement, a task team of ten state security regulators from Alabama, California, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, South Carolina, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin issued a Show Cause Order against Coinbase.

The order alleges that Coinbase violated securities laws by offering its staking rewards program accounts for Alabama residents. Coinbase did so without obtaining the necessary registration for selling these securities.

The order requires Coinbase to respond within 28 days and present its case to avoid being directed to cease selling unregistered securities in Alabama.

Stock Performance & Regulatory Hurdles

Coinbase’s debuted on the U.S. Nasdaq exchange on April 14, 2021. However, the recent regulatory challenges have severely impacted its stock performance.

Coinbase’s shares have fallen by 88% since their all-time high of over $435 on the IPO day. Coinbase has to register with the SEC and get permission by submitting a Form S-1 as a condition for listing.

The ongoing SEC lawsuit and the multi-state regulatory scrutiny have heightened investor concerns. This has resulted in a massive depreciation of the company’s holds.

Coinbase, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, is confronting a double blow as it contends with a lawsuit filed by the SEC and regulatory actions by state security regulators.

The allegations against Coinbase highlight its purported failures to comply with registration requirements and provide necessary investor protections. The resulting decline in stock value further underscores the challenges faced by the company.

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As Coinbase prepares its response to the regulatory actions, stakeholders and market participants remain attentive to developments. These developments may impact the future of this pioneering cryptocurrency exchange.

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