Cardano Fueled Eikonikos Metaverse to Debut Its Unique Digital Fashion Collectibles

Apr. 20, 2023
Cardano Fueled Eikonikos Metaverse to Debut Its Unique Digital Fashion Collectibles

Cardano-based metaverse startup Eikonikos is set to launch its highly anticipated AVRA Collection, featuring unique wearable NFT clothing items inspired by various aspects of life.

According to the press release, the collection, which comprises 3,248 exclusive clothing items, will be available only to Eikonikos Metaverse Avatar NFT holders.

Eikonikos has consistently delivered on its promises to the Cardano NFT community since the launch of its Genesis Passports in May 2022. It has become the first Cardano metaverse to release a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) on Unreal Engine 5.

The firm has delivered a series of NFTs with in-game utility to holders following the success of its mint event. These NFTs include hoodies, yachts, pegasus, and PFP collections.

AVRA Collection: A Unique Addition to Eikonikos

The forthcoming AVRA Collection is expected to be an innovative addition to the Eikonikos ecosystem, offering both in-game and real-life utilities to users. Holders will be eligible to claim land on AVRA Island, benefit from well-being sessions, and more.

Aiisha Ramadan, a renowned fashionista and well-being coach, is the brainchild behind the AVRA Collection. She drew inspiration for the designs during a silent retreat in Nepal.

The outerwear is inspired by numerous aspects of life, such as chakras, Yin Yang, Kundalini, the Sun, and the Moon. Land plots on AVRA Island and access to the AVRA game will be available to AVRA Collection holders.

They will also have unique admittance to the AVRA Studio for well-being sessions, staking in the Eikonikos Pool, and AVRA DAO membership. Eikonikos is presenting itself as one of the first and fastest-growing Cardano-based significant metaverse firms.

The company’s goal is to connect every human touchpoint in a disruptive manner, and it anticipates leading brands, media, and entertainment industries interacting with consumers and testing their ideas and projects in a variety of sectors, such as e-commerce, gaming, learning, socializing, dating, and more.

Eikonikos intends to launch the AVRA Collection with a major event at their Eikodium. The event honors the debut of Amphitheatre events as well as the launch of metaverse access via web browsers.

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Eikonikos encourages users to follow them on social media. Additionally, they should connect their passports to the Sokinoki app in order to properly experience The Other Planet experience.

The upcoming AVRA Collection is going to revolutionize the Cardano NFT ecosystem. Eikonikos is leading the way in building a fully immersive metaverse experience for its users.

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