Litecoin’s Hashrate Hits New Highs Ahead Of Halving: What’s Next For LTC?

Aug. 1, 2023
Litecoin’s Hashrate Hits New Highs Ahead Of Halving: What’s Next For LTC?

In a recent by IntotheBlock, it has been revealed that the hashrate of Litecoin has been surging to new record levels as the much-anticipated halving event draws near. This significant increase in the hashrate sets a contrast to the scenario observed during the previous halving, where the hashrate was declining before the event. The rising momentum indicates a strong interest and support from miners and the crypto community. 

As the Litecoin halving is now only one day away, speculations are rising about the future of the cryptocurrency. The halving event, which occurs approximately every four years, reduces the block reward given to miners by half, potentially impacting the supply and demand dynamics of LTC.

In response to the imminent halving, Litecoin itself that there are just 1000 blocks remaining until the event takes place. This announcement adds to the anticipation and excitement surrounding the cryptocurrency’s future. 

Regarding the event’s potential impact on LTC price, as per Coincodex, LTC is forecasted to experience a slight decline of -0.29%, reaching $90.34 by August 5. Current data from August 01 indicates a bearish sentiment overall for price prediction. Among 30 technical analysis indicators, 8 indicate bullish trends, while 22 indicate bearish ones.

LunarCrush Reports Litecoin As Market Leader In Activity

On July 30, LunarCrush, a popular social data analytics platform, LTC’s activity has been leading the market. Their analysis showed a remarkable spike in social engagement, with 2.16 million social engagements occurring within a single hour. 

Social engagement measures the depth of activity around social posts, including metrics like retweets and comments, indicating the level of community participation and interest in LTC’s social media channels.

Due to this surge in social activity alone, LunarCrush’s AltRank™ for Litecoin fell to an impressive rank of 32 (the lower the number, the better). Moreover, the coin’s price and market volume experienced a rapid acceleration. This notable growth in social strength further emphasizes the heightened community activity and participation in Litecoin’s social media interactions.

Due to these developments, Litecoin secured the coveted top spot on LunarCrush’s AltRank™. This highlights its exceptional amalgamation of social engagement and trading activity throughout the cryptocurrency market. It indicates that Litecoin is currently enjoying a significant level of attention and interest from the community.

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