SubQuery Introduces Web3 Data Indexing Tool For Ethereum

Apr. 6, 2023
SubQuery Introduces Web3 Data Indexing Tool For Ethereum

SubQuery, a leading provider of Web3 data indexing solutions, has unveiled its beta support for the Ethereum Network With the impending launch of the SubQuery Network, Ethereum developers now have another decentralized option for indexing their on-chain data.

SubQuery’s decentralized data indexing toolkit empowers developers with the necessary tools to efficiently organize and query on-chain data for their protocols and applications.

By offering a custom API, SubQuery allows developers to concentrate on product development and user experience, instead of constructing their own indexing solutions.

This latest integration expands upon SubQuery’s existing Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) support. It includes support for other networks, such as Avalanche, Flare, Cosmos (Ethermint), and Polkadot (FrontierEVM).

Sam Zou, Founder and CEO of SubQuery, commented on the development, stating:

Ethereum has been on our radar since day one. Our experienced engineering team has put a lot of hard work into this integration, so that we can guarantee Ethereum developers will have a smooth and seamless experience indexing with SubQuery’s open-source SDK, tools and documentation. We can’t wait to collaborate with teams building on Ethereum with the power of our fast, flexible and universal indexer.

SubQuery Enhances Performance and Flexibility

Due to its current beta support, SubQuery has already achieved a performance rate 1.85x faster than The Graph for standard projects like the Ethereum Name Service.

This is accomplished through multi-threading and optimization of the store to minimize expensive database writes, resulting in faster sync times for developers and quicker delivery of features to the market.

SubQuery also introduces significant upgrades to existing decentralized indexing solutions. The platform offers greater flexibility and improved controls for developers managing projects on their own infrastructure.

Furthermore, SubQuery’s managed service can support enterprise-level projects, providing enterprise-grade infrastructure hosting and managing hundreds of millions of requests daily.

Since its inception in 2021, SubQuery has become the leading data indexing solution for Polkadot. The platform has experienced rapid growth. It has achieved this by serving hundreds of millions of daily queries to prominent projects like Moonbeam and Acala.

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Currently, SubQuery is concentrating on decentralizing and tokenizing the protocol to create the SubQuery Network. The network will index and service data from projects for the global community in an incentivized and verifiable manner. It will also support Ethereum projects and those from any other supported Layer-1 from the outset.

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