New Ethereum Roadmap By Vitalik Buterin Includes “The Scourge” Phase

Nov. 7, 2022
New Ethereum Roadmap By Vitalik Buterin Includes “The Scourge” Phase

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin released an updated technical roadmap on Friday on Twitter that reveals new goals they intend to accomplish in order to make the Ethereum network more decentralized and less susceptible to censorship.

The project roadmap includes a new phase called “The Scourge.” Ethereum, however, has set up a six-step roadmap with the goal of reaching 100,000 transactions per second and is now at the Surge stage while running on a Proof-of-Stake Network. However, the second phase of the Merge will concentrate on single-slot finality.

This new phase is now listed as the third stage on the revised technological roadmap, and it will be followed by the Verge, Purge, and Splurge, which were previously listed as the first three phases.

According to Buterin, the updated roadmap clarifies the role of quantum-proofness as a crucial element of the “endgame” protocol and adds more precise milestones to each category.

Buterin stated in the tweet’s comment section:

The Verge is not just about “verkle trees”, it’s about “verification.” Endgame: fully SNARKed ethereum * The Scourge(new): ensure reliable and fair credibly neutral transaction inclusion, solve MEV issues * Single slot finality as stage 2 Merge milestone.

“Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge” is what SNARK stands for. When finished, it would increase network anonymity while preserving the ability for transactions to occur and be tracked.

Moreover, by controlling which transactions are included in a block and in what order, a miner may front-run other network users and gain value at their expense. This practice is known as the miner-extracted value (MEV).

The update received a wide range of responses. The Ethereum community reacted favorably to the new release, while those using Bitcoin responded unfavorably, claiming that bitcoin was better than Ethereum and that it had been over-engineered.

Eric Wall, a prominent crypto investor, shared his thoughts on Twitter about this new addition and said rollups are better. He believes the roadmap is becoming better and making more sense.

According to Eric Wall:

The fact that you can’t even see the word sharding on a roadmap diagram anymore makes me feel like we’re not even concerned with” the pressure of having to deliver sharding” anymore — not afraid people will freak out because the sharding word has suddenly vanished.

He goes on to say that he feels that it was politically and visibly vital to wait until PoS had been successfully provided and rollups that unquestionably control billions of dollars had functional fraud-proof (even if they were not yet permissionless).

Ethereum Price Review

Following the co-founder of Ethereum’s disclosure of this news, ETH seems eager to resume its upward path. It permitted a 4.5% price rise over the previous day and broke through its primary resistance level of $1600.

If the trend continues, ETH may try to overcome the crucial barrier at $1,725 in the upcoming week.

Source: Tradingview

Indicators like the daily RSI and MACD have turned positive for ETH in late October, and this trend seems to be continuing into November. Because of this, a test of the critical resistance level at $1,725 may be anticipated. 

Extremely positive emotion would emerge if this level were to breach, while negative sentiment may return in the event of significant rejection.

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