Ethscriptions: Unique Ethereum Inscriptions for Creating and Sharing Digital Artifacts

Jun. 18, 2023
Ethscriptions: Unique Ethereum Inscriptions for Creating and Sharing Digital Artifacts

Middlemarch has just revealed Ethscriptions, an inventive inscription system on the Ethereum ⁠ blockchain, through Capsule 21, an NFT infrastructure they co-founded. ⁠

The new system enables users to generate and disseminate digital artifacts ⁠ via Ethereum transaction call data, much like Bitcoin inscriptions. Middlemarch plans to open-source the indexer ⁠ in the near future. ‌

Middlemarch expressed their excitement about the ⁠ launch of Ethscriptions on Twitter. Ethscriptions is a fresh approach to generating and distributing ⁠ digital artifacts on the Ethereum platform based on transaction calldata.

Middlemarch also acknowledged the contributions of Michael Hirsch, the founder of Indelible_Labs, for helping build the front end and @duvtale for selecting the vibrant background color (#c3ff00).

Crafting and Disseminating Ethereum-based Digital Artifacts via Ethscriptions

So how exactly do Ethscriptions work? The process is quite intriguing. Any successful Ethereum transaction containing input data interpreted as a valid data URI can create an Ethscription if the data URI is unique. The system automatically disregards duplicate content.

Furthermore, Ethscriptions support all valid mime-types, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of digital files. To maintain uniqueness, an Ethscription’s content must not match that of any previous Ethscription from a previous block or a transaction within the same block.

It ensures that each Ethscription represents a distinct digital artifact. Additionally, any Ethereum transaction whose input data corresponds to the transaction hash of a valid Ethscription. In addition, it is considered a valid Ethscription transfer as long as the transaction’s sender is the Ethscription’s owner.

The recipient of the creation transaction determines the initial owner of an Ethscription. Ethscription recognizes the sender of the creation transaction as the creator.

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The original site page states that starting with Ethscriptions, this new system is relatively straightforward. Users can either utilize an easy creation tool available on the site or follow a step-by-step process.

To create an Ethscription manually, one can convert an image (with a maximum size of approximately 90KB) into a Base 64-encoded data URI using a service like

Although Ethscriptions support all data URIs, images tend to yield the best results. You can convert the data URI to hex using an online tool like hexhero.

Users can subsequently include the hex data from the previous step in the “Hex data” box and send a 0 ETH transaction to the intended recipient. If no other user has already produced an Ethscription using the same data, the Ethscription should show on the website shortly. The technology filters duplicate stuff out automatically.

However, once Middlemarch makes the indexer available to the general public, creators, and collectors in the realm of NFTs are anticipated to be empowered. This will encourage creativity and innovation among those involved in the field of digital art.

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