Etherscan Acquires for Solana Blockchain Exploration

Jan. 3, 2024
Etherscan Acquires for Solana Blockchain Exploration

Etherscan announces the acquisition of the Solana Blockchain explorer,, to provide insightful and detailed ecosystem analysis. A famous block-exploring platform for the Ethereum blockchain, Etherscan, is expanding its service. Its latest announcement refers to the acquisition of the Solana blockchain explorer –

“We’re excited to announce that Solscan is joining Etherscan! With @solscanofficial officially onboard, it’s an honor for us to continue to realize our vision of providing credibly neutral and fair access to blockchain data.”

Accordingly, the announcement details a collaboration merger to heighten data accessibility on the blockchain across many networks. In that case, Etherscan will be able to meet the promise and realize mainstream adoption as it reaps back to the blockchain community.

Founded in 2021, is a leading explorer of the Solana blockchain and its ecosystem. Some features available in include details about addresses, tokens, and transactions, as well as APIs, dashboards, and NFT metadata, just like those available in Etherscan.

Etherscan Adds Solana Network to Blockchain Services

The integration of will provide its users access to blockchain data of different networks. In this regard, Matthew Tan, CEO and founder of Etherscan, commented as follows:

“Over the years, the Solscan team has showcased expertise in providing elaborative analysis and vivid insights. Their vast understanding and experience in making blockchain data accessible and user-friendly perfectly blend into our mission here at Etherscan.”

Another point that could explain the keen interest in Etherscan is the recent appreciation of the Solana blockchain. A look into the price charts of SOL reveals that the cryptocurrency has experienced a pump of about 70% over the last month. Currently, SOL is priced at $108.60, reflecting a slight decrease from the $123 recorded on Christmas Day 2023. However, it marks a notable increase from the $64 observed in early December 2023.

Also, SOL would have overtaken Ripple (XRP) in market capitalization, securing the fifth position just below Binance Coin (BNB). However, Binance Coin had managed to make a catch, albeit for a short time. At the time of writing, SOL’s total market cap is $46.6 billion compared to BNB’s total market cap of $48.3 billion.

Code Reader: AI for Smart Contract Analysis

By mid-October 2023, Etherscan gave a beta launch to its “Code Reader” – the crypto AI tool. This initiation follows and aims to receive and provide in-depth information relating to the smart contract codes. This way, it is possible to simplify complex data in various crypto world contracts through Code Reader.

Using artificial intelligence provides users with new tools for common cases, allowing them to access accurate information about them and their elaboration. Additionally, it enables users to obtain complete functions and explanations of smart contracts working within decentralized applications (dApps).

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