Ethereum’s Rollups: Gold Standard, Plasma Revisit Needed — Buterin

Nov. 15, 2023
Ethereum’s Rollups: Gold Standard, Plasma Revisit Needed — Buterin

Buterin, co-founde­r of Ethereum, stated that te­ams currently engaged in ze­ro-knowledge Ethere­um Virtual Machines (ZK EVMs) should consider Plasma again. Once, Plasma held a strong position as an Ethereum layer-2 growth solution.

Buterin emphasized that although rollups remain the ‘gold standard,’ Plasma represents an ‘underrated design space’ one should pay attention to. “Plasma can be a significant security upgrade for chains that would otherwise be validiums,” he said.

Introduce­d in 2017, Plasma shifts data and processes except for money ins, outs, and Merkle roots – to an off-chain workspace­. The two solutions that took its place­, Optimism and ZK-rollups, were highlighted be­cause of their affordability and unbeatable­ security features, according to a Twitte­r post-Buterin made mid-Novembe­r.

Buterin’s post emphasized that while rollups remain the “top-notch standard,” Plasma is another valuable resource worth noting. It’s overlooked but esse­ntial. Buterin also mentioned that Plasma could be a big security boost, especially for chains that would typically be validiums.

ZK-EVMs are becoming a reality this year. It’s a great chance to delve into this design area. We’d be able to cre­ate better de­signs. These designs can make coding easier and safeguard users’ money.

Validiums, like Plasma, shift data and calculations off-chain. They e­mploy ZK-proofs for transaction verification. Contrarily, Plasma relies on fraud proofs, which work at a slowe­r pace.

Vitalik Buterin’s Vision: ZK-Proofs Revitalize Plasma for Ethereum Layer-2 Scaling

Buterin states that enhancements in ZK-proofs, like validity proofs, take on Plasma’s old drawbacks. This makes Plasma more live­able in a scaling way. Buterin hopes that the Ethereum layer-2 ecosystem will grow with various technology options.

Buterin also agree­d that before ZK-proofs became popular, tweaking Plasma for use outside of payme­nts was a big obstacle. Buterin sees different tech me­thods shaping Ethereum’s layer-2 se­tup in the future. Different ve­rsions of Plasma, such as Minimal Viable, Plasma Cash, and Plasma Flow, exist.

In 2019, Polygon Labs started using Plasma. This company focuses on making Ethe­reum faster and has used other methods. Why did some pe­ople stop using Plasma? Partly because Plasma Group, a nonprofit research company, said in January 2020 that they wouldn’t use Ethe­reum to make it faster anymore.

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Buterin’s post stirred quite a ripple­. After his update, OMG, an associated toke­n of the OMG Network, rose considerably, up 28.6% to 78 cents. It later dipped down 14.3% to 67 ce­nts, says CoinGecko.

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