Ethereum’s Devnet-10: Preparing for Devconnect and Beyond

Oct. 7, 2023
BY Mishal
Ethereum’s Devnet-10: Preparing for Devconnect and Beyond

The Ethereum development community is diligently preparing for the upcoming debut of Devnet-10, possibly marking the ultimate developer-centric testnet leading up to the highly anticipated Ethereum developer conference, Devconnect, scheduled for November. The central objective of Devnet-10 revolves around evaluating the novel maximum epoch churn limit as delineated in EIP 7514.

Ethereum’s Devnet-10: Testing the Limits

During the recent All Core Developers Consensus (ACDC) call #119, Ethereum’s development community engaged in a comprehensive discussion regarding the advancements and current state of Devnet-9, the existing developer-centric testnet. Launched on September 29, Devnet-9 has exhibited an impressive network participation rate of 90%, reflecting its robust condition.

Nevertheless, this journey has not been devoid of obstacles. It came to light that several bugs had infiltrated the client software, with a particular impact on the execution layer (EL) clients, which include Reth, Besu, and Nethermind.

Developers have actively evaluated Miner Extractable Value (MEV)-related tools on Devnet-9. Approximately 20% of validators within the network are currently utilizing MEV-Boost software, a crucial component of Ethereum’s continuous evolution.

In conversations regarding the potential launch of Devnet-10, developers deliberated on the possibility of proceeding without all EL clients being fully prepared. This consideration arose because most of the issues encountered on Devnet-9 were associated with this particular layer. Devnet-10’s main goal is evaluating CL client logic, focusing on validator churn testing in the consensus layer.

The community dedicates itself to ensuring the stability of Devnet-10 and achieving nearly 100% participation before proceeding. Several client teams are currently working to address concerns about the duplication of blobs, a crucial element within Ethereum’s consensus mechanism.

Ethereum’s Path to Upgrade: Goerli Testnet and Beyond

The Ethereum Foundation strives to introduce the Dencun upgrade on the Goerli test network, a public Ethereum testnet, ahead of Devconnect. This ambitious objective has prompted developers to set their sights on a Devnet-10 launch around October 19. Moreover, they aim to promptly complete all essential testing and preparations for the mid-November Devconnect event.

However, developers actively enhance client interoperability by adopting the new Block V3 API alongside bug-fixing and testing efforts. They plan to meticulously assess the functionality and compatibility of this API to ensure its seamless integration. They will do this before considering the establishment of a dedicated short-term devnet.

Despite the challenges, the Ethereum community remains steadfast in its commitment to rigorous testing and collaborative efforts. Their progress is directed toward the successful implementation of the Dencun upgrade and the continued improvement of the Ethereum network.

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