ConsenSys Launches Linea zkEVM On Main Ethereum Network

Jul. 17, 2023
ConsenSys Launches Linea zkEVM On Main Ethereum Network

In July 11 press release, ConsenSys, the development firm behind Metamask, announced the launch of the layer-2 network, Linea, on the main Ethereum (ETH) network.  This Ethereum layer-2 scaling network enables developers to build new decentralized applications or migrate existing ones to Ethereum.

Linea utilizes zero-knowledge (ZK) cryptography. It is one of the most popular blockchain developments of 2023. ZK cryptography provides faster and more efficient blockchain transactions. However, this layer-2 network aims to enhance Ethereum’s scalability. It also controls network congestion and high gas charges.

The roll-up network implemented by Linea is known as zkEVM (zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine). It is fully compatible with the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) programming environment. Rollups are seen as important elements of Ethereum’s development plan.

Joe Lubin, CEO of ConsenSys, stated:

“Linea’s zkEVM is the catalyst we’ve been waiting for to empower developers to shape the future of decentralized applications and encourage the builder in everyone.”

App developers can start developing apps on Linea’s “alpha” network starting this Friday. Meanwhile, the general public can access it next week.

ConsenSys will set withdrawal limits for the first 90 days after the launch to ensure users’ protection. It cautions users to be aware of airdrop scams because Linea has no native token.

The global product lead for Linea, Nicolas Liochon, mentioned the benefits of utilizing the layer-2 network. He said that the transaction fees on Linea would be 15 times lower than the main Ethereum network.

According to the statement, Linea is going to be fully launched after a successful trial period. Spanning three months, the testnet period saw more than 46 million transactions from 5.5 million unique wallets. Linea’s alpha mainnet launch will offer an improved user experience for over 100 protocols, dApps, and partners.

Metamask Supports Linea

ConsenSys’ Ethereum browser wallet, MetaMask, will also cooperate with Linea. Individuals will be able to access the network using MetaMask Portfolio easily. Moreover, Metamask’s Buy, Swap, and Bridge features will also be available for Linea users. The integration will take effect in the coming weeks.

Furthermore, Linea’s team will also introduce an NFT collection on July 18. ConsenSys has also introduced Linea Ecosystem Investment Alliance (EIA). More than 30 leading venture capital firms support this initiative. EIA aims to aid builders and developers by providing resources and funding.

Director of Corporate Development at ConsenSys, Michael Camarda, mentioned the hurdles new crypto projects face during the crypto market downturn. Camarda said raising capital as an entrepreneur can be challenging, even during favorable times.

Through EIA, ConsenSys and our partners are excited to support projects reshaping NFTs, gaming, DeFi, social, and more, he said.

Syed Ali Haider

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