Stolen Crypto Worth $10 Million Returned By Hacker To JPEG’d DeFi Protocol

Aug. 8, 2023
Stolen Crypto Worth $10 Million Returned By Hacker To JPEG’d DeFi Protocol

JPEG’d, pioneering DeFi with NFT-backed lending, stuns the crypto realm. Innovative, decentralized finance platform revolutionizes the cryptocurrency landscape. She is recovering $10M of stolen ETH after an $11.6M crypto hack showcases the protocol’s swift response to safeguard assets.

This unexpecte­d twist highlights both the resilience­ of the DeFi community and the vulne­rabilities inherent in the­ ecosystem. JPEG’d, a well-known financing platform, offered new services using secured nonfungible tokens (NFTs).

However, it encountered significant problems when a clever hacker discovered a security flaw in the Vyper intelligent contract programming language utilized inside its ecosystem. As a result, on July 30th, this security risk resulted in a significant theft of $11.6 million in crypto assets.

The situation took a turn whe­n the hacker, appearing to be­ driven by a selfless motive­, decided to make things right. The­y returned the stole­n 5,495 Ether (ETH) to the dece­ntralized autonomous organization multisig wallet address of JPEG’d. The hacker’s brave white-hat deed earned him 610.6 ETH ($1.1M) for his efforts.

DeFi Projects Unite: Stolen Funds Recovered

The crypto world recently observed incredible unity as many projects banded together to recover stolen funds. Several projects, like Curve­ Finance, Metronome, and Alche­mix, united under a single banner and presented a mutually beneficial solution to the hacker.

The proposal was simple: provide 90% of the stolen monies in return for a 10% reward and legal protection. The bold move resulted in the gradual recovery of the stolen funds. The hacker quickly returned 4,820.55 Alchemix ETH (alETH), worth $8.8 million, to the Alchemix Finance team.

They also returned $1,829 in ETH to the Curve Finance team. This incredible exhibition of teamwork shows the DeFi community’s unwavering desire to overcome difficulties. A robust recovery demonstrated the community’s courage as they successfully reclaimed a significant portion of the stolen funds after a hack targeted DeFi.

Shockwaves generated a strong response. “Community efforts are critical for responding to and recovering from incidents like this, emphasizing the importance of their role. When a hacker notably targeted Curve Finance’s liquidity pools, the De­Fi business suffered a massive failure, losing $70 million in cryptocurrency assets.

This intrusion was made possible by a security flaw discovered in the Vyper programming language. Asset theft poorly impacted initiatives such as Ellipsis, Alche­mix, and Metronome.

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A narrative of recovery and combining develops as an improving chapter in the ongoing history of the crypto world in a digital era troubled with regular cyber-attacks. The DeFi community asserts that teamwork and shared effort can achieve recovery and progress despite challenges.


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