Singapore Prime Minister Issues Warning on Deepfake Crypto Scams

Dec. 30, 2023
Singapore Prime Minister Issues Warning on Deepfake Crypto Scams

Singapore’s prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong, warned the public about a deepfake video depicting him promoting a crypto scam ‘envisioned by Elon Musk.’ Recently, Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong cautioned the people about an emerging wave of cyber frauds taking root in deepfake technology.

Lee Hsien Loong has drawn attention to the rise of manipulated videos with artificial intelligence technology falsely depicting him endorsing the crypto scams via a Facebook post. This is in a recent announcement on Facebook showing how abused videos use artificial intelligence and portray him as supporting crypto scams online.


Deepfake technology has proved to be a powerful tool for swindlers, which enables them to manipulate true videos and create realistic but avulse content. In the latest incident, a deepfake video maker had fashioned Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong appearing to say that some digital currency investment platform that did not exist was off to a good start and that he had signed up for an account. Remastered from a CGTN interview, the video utilizes deepfake for disturbingly realistic manipulation.

Prime Minister Lee Warns of AI-Driven Scams

This deplorable incident exemplifies the increasing employment of using AI for fraudulent schemes. Prime Minister Lee emphasized the misleading and harmful nature of certain videos. He expressed concern that such content could unwittingly lure thousands of people into investing in scams, exposing them to potential financial risks. The Singapore government consistently encourages its citizens to exercise caution and stay vigilant against scams.

He emphasizes the importance of not lowering one’s guard and verifying information through official sources. The exploitation of public figures in financial scams is not a novel occurrence. This is because such scams have happened, with the Prime Minister being one target among many others. Last year, government advisories were issued to warn the public about Bitcoin investment scams. Government crypto scams falsely touted the Prime Minister’s endorsement, misleading people with fraudulent claims.

Recently, another counterfeit video featuring Lee Hsien Loong surfaced in July, prompting renewed public alerts. Furthermore, These repeated incidents exemplify deep challenges in generating misinformation and financial deceit, which digital technologies pose. Increasingly, scammers resort to creating guileful social media profiles and leveraging deepfake technology to add credence to the fraudulent schemes. The Prime Minister is proactive by cautioning the public to be careful.

This aggressive stance is crucial in the ongoing efforts to combat such practices. The increasing threat has prompted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to call the public to exercise vigilance. He said he should refrain from taking up or responding to scams in this context. These scams often offer high returns on investments or giveaways without any conditions. The government’s overall intent to combat rising cyber fraud also forms part of the call for public caution.

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