MetaMask & Robinhood Collaborate: Simplifying Crypto Accessibility

Feb. 8, 2024
MetaMask & Robinhood Collaborate: Simplifying Crypto Accessibility

MetaMask has collaborated with Robinhood to enable direct crypto purchases for users. Consensys, the developers behind MetaMask, are joined by Robinhood Markets, Inc., who have now enabled users to integrate Robinhood Connect with their MetaMask wallet.

This partnership makes it possible to initiate cryptocurrency purchasing from the MetaMask wallet user interface for MetaMask users in the U.S. The partnership aims to streamline crypto transactions by leveraging Robinhood’s cost-effective order engine. This initiative will offer MetaMask users a secure and efficient pathway to engage in digital asset participation.

Integration between MetaMask and Robinhood is an exciting step in our shared commitment to help users access a self-custodial option with less friction, said Lorenzo Santos, senior product manager at Consensys.

“We recognize that crypto and internet users want greater control and ownership,” said Santos. “This will help more people access crypto seamlessly and self-custodial by offering more buying options with service providers they already use and trust.

Web3 Barrier Reduction Survey

Furthermore, Consensys and YouGov’s survey showed a notable change in internet users’ preferences for their digital presence. Moreover, this shift indicates a growing desire for more control and alternative online interaction modes.

Based on responses from over 15,000 participants, the survey highlighted a clear trend towards increased autonomy online. Specifically, 79% of respondents strongly desire greater control over their internet identity.

Furthermore, The survey revealed a strong preference for digital content ownership. 67% of respondents believed they should own the rights to their online creations. Despite the enthusiasm, a third of respondents point out the complexity of web3 technology as a significant barrier.

Additionally, this hinders their active engagement with ownership. This underlines an important challenge for those willing to enter crypto. At Robinhood, it’s our mission to reduce friction where possible to increase adoption of web3, said Seong Lee, Head of Product for Robinhood Crypto.

“Robinhood Connect provides a frictionless way for existing Robinhood customers to fund their self-custody wallet by connecting a debit, bank transfer or even existing Robinhood buying power,” Lee said. “So, in essence, it’s allowing the user to go ahead and start using that crypto immediately.”

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