Dogecoin Bug Persists in 280 Blockchains, Says Security Firm

Mar. 15, 2023
Dogecoin Bug Persists in 280 Blockchains, Says Security Firm

Peer-to-peer communications on blockchain networks have a vulnerability similar to the one found in Dogecoin last year. The vulnerability is present in at least 280 networks, including Litecoin and Zcash. Halborn, a blockchain security company, made the discovery and published a post about it on Monday.

This vulnerability could allow attackers to execute a range of malicious activities, such as double-spending attacks. It is important for blockchain networks to address this vulnerability promptly to prevent any potential security breaches.

Halborn’s investigation found a vulnerability in multiple networks exposing $25 billion worth of tokens to security risks. The vulnerability, named “Rab13s” by Halborn, can result in denial of service or remote code execution.

Halborn warns weak networks are at risk of exploitation. The discovery highlights the need for increased network security measures. Halborn responsibly disclosed vulnerabilities to affected networks but couldn’t divulge more due to their severity. The firm ensured security through reasonable efforts.

Critical Vulnerability In Peer-to-Peer Communications

Halborn CEO Rob Behnke states that the impacted networks have a significant weakness, particularly in their peer-to-peer (p2p) connections. An attacker can shutdown nodes with bad consensus msgs, risking 51% of attacks. The entire system is vulnerable to critical problems.

Halborn found a zero-day bug in Dogecoin RPC service, a vulnerability that attackers could use to run code on miners. This flaw was unique to Dogecoin and not present in Bitcoin. A remote attacker could exploit the bug to execute code and target, specific miners.

Conducting continuous security assessments and taking prompt action to rectify any vulnerabilities that may be detected is emphasized by Halborn findings. With the rise of blockchain technology and the increasing value of cryptocurrency, it is essential to ensure that networks are secure to protect users’ investments and prevent potential losses.

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In conclusion, discovering the Rab13s vulnerability in multiple blockchain networks highlights the importance of ongoing security assessments and the need for prompt action to address any discovered vulnerabilities.

While Halborn has made efforts to contact the affected networks for responsible disclosure, the severity of the vulnerabilities means that further technical or exploit details are not being released.

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