Binance Asserts GitHub Code Leak as ‘Obsolete,’ Carrying Minimal Risk

Feb. 2, 2024
Binance Asserts GitHub Code Leak as ‘Obsolete,’ Carrying Minimal Risk

Binance has refuted a report claiming that a “highly sensitive” cache of internal passwords and code was exposed for a month on GitHub’s coding site. Reportedly, the company has argued that the outdated code poses only a “negligible risk.” It stressed that the reported exposure did not pose a major risk.

Binance’s argued that the old code did not pose more than a “negligible risk.” On January 31, 404 Media reported that the cache contained “code, infrastructure diagrams, internal passwords, and other technical information,” detailing how the exchange runs passwords and multi-factor authentication.

Contrasting Risk Perspectives: Binance vs. GitHub

The firm’s report said Binance had already petitioned GitHub to scrub the files out through Jan to no avail. The exchange did not waste any time once it found out and issued 24 copyright takedown requests. The exchange stated that the content posed a high risk and had been posted without permission. Therefore, they immediately deleted it to resolve possible warnings and dangers promptly.

Source: 404 Media

A Binance spokesman noted that despite the situation, the person in question shared outdated information on GitHub. The spokesman added that their security team has confirmed that the cached data does not “resemble what we currently have in production.”

In addition, Binance added that the information ‘posed a negligible risk to the security of our users, their assets, or our platform.’ It said the information was so old ‘it would be unusable by any third parties or malicious actors.’

Furthermore, Binance has committed to safeguarding its past and present intellectual property. The firm will attempt to shield third parties from any harm made to them by “uncalled-for confounding or groundless fear of publishing private data.”

As part of it, Binance has sent a takedown request to GitHub. Simultaneously, the company is pursuing a legal challenge against the user involved in the disputed situation. Binance’s request to GitHub says this is “our client’s internal code.” This big risk for Binance may bring heavy losses and disorientation or harm to users. Binance did not open any further questions on this topic.

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