Cardano & World Mobile Alliance: A Resilient Partnership

Mar. 18, 2024
Cardano & World Mobile Alliance: A Resilient Partnership

To address persistent concerns and misconceptions circulating within the Cardano community, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson took to X (formerly Twitter) to tackle the ongoing FUD around its partner firm, World Mobile, whose ties go back to April 2021.

In a recent X post, Hoskinson stressed the importance of this partnership, specifically calling for a flexible protocol that could handle complex hardware, licensed spectrum, user-driven network expansion, and challenges posed by the future advent of quantum computing.

“We noticed a repeated misunderstanding among community members about a partner not being Cardano. We couldn’t understand this because Cardano mentioned Cardano CL in 2016. It seems everyone forgot that projects of such a complexity type, such as WMC, should be free to generate protocols that incorporate changes in consensus mechanisms, ledger rules, network design, and transaction semantics.”

World Mobile CEO Micky Watkins has been supported by Hoskinson, who says that the frameworks and core infrastructure are new for this paradigm; hence, it takes time to grow, like in the case of Sidechain’s Midnight DevNet growth.

Echoing similar sentiment, Watkins also directly engaged with members’ concerns via Telegram. A community member shared the two screenshots in which Watkins explained their departure from the Cosmos chain but remained committed to the smart contract platform.


In 2018, World Mobile was established as a blockchain-based telecommunications company. It aimed to bridge the global digital gap for nearly three billion people without the internet. The firm asserts decentralized hybrid networks save 12 times more costs than traditional mobile networks, providing significant financial benefits.

Scaling Innovations: Cardano’s SuperNode Launch

Cardano is gearing up for an upcoming “SuperNode” launch to revolutionize the smart contract blockchain. Kaleido’s Hyperledger FireFly inspires this SuperNode, which aims to simplify the interdependence between basic blockchain frameworks and complex business procedures and user interfaces.


It will enable ADA developers to make applications that work with many stakeholders. Beyond its technological advancements, social and economic dimensions remain highly significant. An SPO running SuperNode earns rewards by validating these multi-chain protocols.

The network then passes these rewards to its delegators, driving growth and activity. For any success, pool operators and stakeholders must actively participate. The foundation has been laid for decentralization with 1200 active pools and 1.3 million stakers.

Their steadfast dedication to innovation and inclusivity persists as Cardano and World Mobile encounter challenges and misconceptions. This commitment propels them forward in their mission to revolutionize the blockchain and telecommunications industries.

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