Solana Mobile Releases Flagship Android Phone “Saga”

May. 9, 2023
BY Mishal
Solana Mobile Releases Flagship Android Phone “Saga”

Solana Mobile has announced the release of its flagship Android phone, Saga. The phone is now available for purchase and shipment to several countries, the company said. It includes the US, Canada, EU, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, and New Zealand.

The company emphasized the importance of creating a high-quality device that would surpass competitors when it started developing Saga. They have kept this promise by combining blockchain technology into its elegant design and superior components. By this, it offers users a powerful tool at their fingertips.

According to the post, Saga offers more than just a phone. With Seed Vault, a secure self-custody system that secures keys with biometric identification and encryption, users can have a streamlined web3 experience.

Additionally, users may utilize the Solana dApp Store to access decentralized apps without engaging with them or signing transactions using their desktop web browser.

However, pre-order shipments have already started. Its positive reviews praise Saga’s intuitiveness, security, deep Solana integration, innovative Seed Vault, and mobile-native web3 apps.

On April 12th, the company, alongside the Saga announcement, also revealed the launch of a unique device-bound non-transferable NFT called Saga Genesis token.

It serves as a key to the Saga Rewards program and is exclusively available to Saga users who set up Saga and the Solana dApp Store. The token unlocks access to exclusive content and offers.

In the latest update, the company said that Saga users could get the Saga Genesis token when their devices are first set up. The token is a crucial component of the Saga user welcome experience. It provides instant access to the world of web3 and the ability to earn Saga Rewards.

According to the company’s statement:

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the mobile web3 era with this groundbreaking device. If you live in a market we’re not yet shipping to, stay tuned as we’re expanding rapidly. Order Saga now and experience web3 the way it is meant to be experienced.

Community Response To Solana Saga News

The community has responded positively to Solana’s latest device. One user expressed gratitude for the device’s ability to simplify the user experience, especially for those unfamiliar with e-wallets. One stated :

My wife is not familiar with e-wallets, thanks to this device, it will greatly facilitate the user experience by simplifying many things that at the moment can be an obstacle for those like her who are not so familiar !!! Thank you @Solana, for the Saga!!!”

However, there were some concerns raised about the Saga Pass. One user questioned its usefulness, to which Solana Mobiles responded that the primary purpose of the Saga Pass was to secure pre-order waitlist spots and reward pre-order customers with discounts through collecting saga pass cards, which are NFTs by themselves. The Saga Pass served its purpose well, but now it’s time for Genesis.

Other users expressed disappointment with the fulfillment of pre-order phones, as they had yet to receive theirs even after 17 days. On the other hand, another user praised the Solana phone, stating that they had been using it for about a week and would never go back to their previous phone. They commended the phone for being crypto-friendly, free of bloatware, and sleek in design.


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