Polygon’s zkEVM Launch Earns Hoskinson’s Praise & Community Excitement

Mar. 30, 2023
Polygon’s zkEVM Launch Earns Hoskinson’s Praise & Community Excitement

Blockchain developer and Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson expressed appreciation for the Polygon team’s launch of the zkEVM network. Hoskinson took to Twitter to congratulate the Polygon community and expressed excitement for the innovative network.

Hoskinson’s tweet was in response to Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal, who tweeted that Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin had made the first-ever transaction on the network with a symbolic message, “Millions of constraints for man, unconstrained scalability for mankind.”

The implementation of zkEVM on Polygon, as well as its performance, security, and features when compared to related technologies like zk-sync, was, unfortunately, questioned by certain community members. Many individuals in the community expressed their appreciation and regarded it as a significant accomplishment.

Others questioned the practicality of migrating existing contracts to zkEVM and whether the technology is more secure than traditional blockchains.

In response to Hoskinson’s tweet, some community members also mentioned other projects working on similar technologies, such as Orbis Project’s zk-rollups for Cardano, and called for more collaboration between different blockchain ecosystems.

The Cardano Art Hotel Barcelona, a stake pool for the Cardano network, also expressed interest in interacting more with the Barcelona Polygon community, highlighting the potential for collaboration and growth in the blockchain space.

The launch of zkEVM on Polygon represents a significant step forward for the blockchain industry. This is because more developers are exploring new and innovative solutions to scalability and security challenges.

Yet, watching how various blockchain ecosystems cooperate and compete to advance the field as the technology develops will be fascinating.

The Mainnet Beta Launch Of Polygon’s zkEVM

On March 27th, Polygon Labs launched Mainnet Beta for its zkEVM scaling solution. The AGPL v3 license fully opensource the technology, allowing developers to access the repositories, modify the code, and distribute it as they see fit.

The network believes that scaling Ethereum means scaling the values of the open-source movement. The company’s pledge to make its technology open-source has been kept.

The Polygon zkEVM code obligates developers who modify or distribute it under the AGPL v3 license to make their modifications open-source. In addition, it ensures that the code cannot be used for proprietary purposes.

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To ensure security, zkEVM underwent rigorous audits by leading teams such as Hexens and Spearbit. The network has outlined stringent security measures and established a temporary security council to ensure network stability. A bug prize of up to $1,000,000 has also been offered for reporting serious vulnerabilities.

With the launch of Mainnet Beta, the open-source code for Polygon zkEVM is now available for everyone to use. This makes it a valuable map for developers to navigate the frontiers of Web3.

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