Polygon-Powered Immutable zkEVM Mainnet: Early Access Launch

Jan. 30, 2024
Polygon-Powered Immutable zkEVM Mainnet: Early Access Launch

Immutable has released its Immutable zkEVM mainnet in early access mode for game studios and ecosystem partner onboarding. The gaming platform comes with its Ethereum scaling project known as Polygon, which is the fastest-growing L2 scaling solution across the blockchain industry.

Last March, Immutable and Polygon announced they were working on a zkEVM to be secured by validators who stake Matic tokens. Today’s launch of the immutable zkEVM, It’s a dedicated chain. It leverages zk-rollup tech for compatibility with Ethereum apps while operating independently from the project’s existing StarkEx-based Layer 2 chain, Immutable X.

A zkEVM is a zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine; it’s a Layer 2 scaling solution for more efficient Ethereum transactions thanks to zero-knowledge proofs. Right now. It X provides fast and cheap transactions for gaming apps but without native compatibility with the Ethereum blockchain.

Gaming Revolution: Immutable zkEVM Launch Imminent

This comes amid discussions about the forthcoming launch. It said immutable formations like Guild of Guardians, Metalcore, Shardbound, Treeverse, Cool Cats, BADMAD Robots, Space Nation, Eyeball Games, and Imaginary Ones are setting themselves up as the first to launch on Immutable zkEVM.

Gamers and gaming studios exclusively use this purpose-built chain. At every step of the way, our development team implemented any means to do so that a targeted gaming audience could ask for,” said a statement given by Robbie Ferguson, co-founder of Immutable.

Over the last 12 months, over 200 games have committed to building on it, bringing our market share close to 70%. 2024 will see many of these games go live, and tens of millions of players adopt the next gaming experience.

The project notes that current Immutable products will be compatible with the zkEVM. Additionally, the chain will provide gas-free functionality for its gamers using the Immutable Passport non-custodial wallet.

Mainnet for the Immutable zkEVM will go public in just a matter of weeks. However, it is more than one singularity as pzEVM powered by Polygon since Polygon Labs has lately helped develop zkEVM chains for Astar Network, IDEX, Palm Network, and Manta Pacific.

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