Polygon Paves The Path: Nothing’s Innovative Phone (1) & ONE Store’s Web 3.0 Alliance

Aug. 27, 2023
Polygon Paves The Path: Nothing’s Innovative Phone (1) & ONE Store’s Web 3.0 Alliance

Recently, the start-up company Nothing has announced exciting developments in its collaboration with Polygon, unveiling the new Nothing Phone (1) with blockchain technology.

The company plans to release Nothing OS 2.0, based on Android 13, much-anticipated. Next week is the scheduled date for the official launch of Nothing OS 2.0, and the internal beta version is already in circulation. 

The collaboration between Nothing and Polygon is poised to bring innovative features and enhancements to the forefront of mobile technology.

Therefore, the announcements from Nothing have created a buzz among tech enthusiasts. The company’s Twitter account stated that the wait for Nothing OS 2.0 is nearly over. With a focus on enhancing the user experience on Phone (1), the new operating system aims to bring significant improvements.

Another tweet highlighted Nothing’s commitment to keeping Phone (2) at the forefront of innovation. Considering user feedback, the company is rolling out Nothing OS 2.0.2a, the latest update to further refine the user experience.

The roll-out process for the updates has already commenced. This time around, Nothing has prioritized advancements in the device’s camera capabilities. This move is expected to elevate users’ photography and videography experience, aligning with the company’s dedication to delivering top-tier performance.

Strategic Collaboration: ONE Store & Polygon Labs

Meanwhile, in a separate development, ONE Store has made a significant move by announcing its collaboration with Polygon Labs to support Web 3.0. The store has declared its full backing for Web 3.0 games and decentralized applications (dApps) as part of its global services expansion strategy.

However, ONE Store’s move aims to offer improved choices to mobile users worldwide. By expanding into international markets, the company is cementing its global presence. As part of its strategy to embrace the potential of the Web 3.0 game market, ONE Store has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Polygon Labs.

Therefore, the partnership between these two entities is poised to foster collaboration in expanding the Web 3.0 game ecosystem. In this endeavor, ONE Store will provide robust marketing support for Web 3.0 games integrated with Polygon‘s protocols.

Polygon Labs will actively encourage game developers to utilize their protocols to showcase their innovative creations on the ONE Store platform. Additionally, this joint effort marks a significant stride towards advancing the adopti

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