MetaMask Launches “Buy Crypto” Feature For Easier Fiat Purchases

Apr. 10, 2023
MetaMask Launches “Buy Crypto” Feature For Easier Fiat Purchases

Cryptocurrency wallet and decentralized application provider MetaMask has unveiled a new feature that streamlines the process of purchasing crypto with fiat currency, according to a April 10th report.

MetaMask’s “Buy Crypto” feature is integrated with its Portfolio Dapp, offering users a more convenient way to buy and sell cryptocurrency directly within their wallets.

However, the new feature supports over 90 tokens from eight different networks. These include Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum, Avalanche Contract Chain, Fantom, Optimist, and Celo.

Additionally, there are several payments method Users can select, including PayPal, instant ACH, debit or credit cards, and bank transfers.

Because of MetaMask’s worldwide reach, the new feature will be available to users in over 189 countries. To provide a customized price for each transaction, the service evaluates local regulations as well as the user’s location.

In order to complete the transaction, the user will be sent to a third-party provider’s website after picking a quote. Moreover, the funds will be instantly deposited into their MetaMask wallets.

MetaMask’s Ongoing Expansion & Partnerships

MetaMask recent feature is the newest addition to the firm’s expanding network of resources and partnerships. The creation of a user-friendly interface for the decentralized web has been led by MateMask. This makes it easier for clients to acquire access to and use blockchain technology.

In 2022, MetaMask partnered with PayPal to enable customers to buy and transfer Ether via PayPal’s service. The integration enables users to log in via their MetaMask mobile app and make purchases using their PayPal accounts.

Additionally, in March 2023, MetaMask announced a new integration with crypto fintech provider MoonPay that allows Nigerian users to purchase crypto through instant bank transfers. Moreover, the new feature offers a simpler and cheaper way to buy crypto without using credit or debit cards.

The implementation of the “Buy Crypto” feature marks an important step forward for MetaMask and its users. Anyone can utilize the feature to buy cryptocurrencies and invest in blockchain technology more easily. Yet, it eliminates the hassle of transferring payments across platforms.

Users can quickly and easily access a wide range of digital assets due to the seamless integration of payment methods and token networks. Additionally, MetaMask’s ongoing development and alliances reflect the company’s dedication to democratizing blockchain technology access.

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The company’s user-friendly interface and commitment to accessibility make it easier for individuals to participate in the decentralized web. This is true regardless of their technical expertise. In addition, with more tools and features like the “Buy Crypto” function, MetaMask is poised to become a leader in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

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