JPG Store Takes Cardano NFTs To The Next Level With Language Localization Feature

Mar. 8, 2023
JPG Store Takes Cardano NFTs To The Next Level With Language Localization Feature

JPG Store, the leading NFT marketplace on Cardano, has taken a bold step forward in its mission to empower artists worldwide. The platform has introduced Language Localization, a feature that provides equal access to NFT opportunities for non-English-speaking communities. 

The JPG team is confident that the new feature will help attract and support more creators, especially those previously discouraged by expensive gas fees on other blockchains.

“We’re passionate about creating as much opportunity as we can for all creators,” said JPG Store’s CEO Blakelock Brown. “Eliminating language barriers is only a small piece of our exciting plans to endlessly empower international artists and collectors alike.”

JPG Store has formed a team of human linguists paired and advanced machine language technology to deliver high-quality and up-to-date translations. The first languages supported by the platform are Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, French, and Latin American Spanish.

Furthermore, JPG Store has also developed an auto-translating Discord bot to ensure that users of all languages receive the same high standard of customer service.

“We strive to hire the best minds we can find so we’re a highly diverse team ourselves,” said Shannon Brown, co-founder of JPG Store. “We proudly come from over 15 different countries, so nurturing NFT adoption and opportunity globally is something we deeply value on a personal level.”

Since its launch just over a year ago, JPG Store has helped Cardano NFT market reach over $477 million in total sales, accounting for 97% of the blockchain’s current NFT volume. With the recent launches of Coti’s Djed Stablecoin and Liqwid’s DeFi Lending Protocol, the JPG team anticipates an increase in NFT trading volume as Cardano’s DeFi ecosystem continues to mature.

JPG Store Catalyzes Cardano Rise As A Leading NFT Blockchain

JPG Store’s efforts to empower artists and support the NFT industry have played a significant role in Cardano’s rise as a leading NFT blockchain. The platform has been instrumental in driving Cardano’s NFT market growth, which has seen the blockchain rank as the fourth largest by volume over the past 30 days.

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Furthermore, JPG Store’s commitment to equitable access to NFT opportunities positions it as a driving force in shaping the industry’s future on Cardano. The platform’s innovative approach to language localization and its focus on empowering artists worldwide is why JPG Store is leading the way in the NFT market.

Kashif Saleem

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