Dr. Xiao Feng Reveals Blockchain’s Top 10 Trends in 2024

Dec. 30, 2023
Dr. Xiao Feng Reveals Blockchain’s Top 10 Trends in 2024

Dr. Xiao Feng, Chairman of HashKey Group, issued a 2024 New Year’s message, starting from the first principles of blockchain and discussing the top ten industry trends in 2024. Embracing the first principles of that blockchain, he emphasized their history of ledgers began with the Sumerians writing on clay tablets millennia past through to the distributed accounting structures of this digital age.

Competing for Innovation in Blockchain

Focusing on Ethereum, Dr. Xiao Feng predicted its continued dominance in leading blockchain technology innovation. He guessed the platform’s excellence could provide this because this is the only cover that thrived by this en. Another remarkable highlighted trend was the maturation of Blockchain L2 technology, supporting the explosion of applications with scenarios and values of specificity.

This represents a passage from idealized to pragmatic and impactful applications, therefore an important track for reaching the crucial stage in the development of the technology itself. Dr. Xiao Feng also emphasized the evolution of crypto-economics as a prominent science in the classics. The token economic model is lauded for supporting the real economy and technological innovation, underpinning blockchain’s rising phenomenon and influence beyond initial financial resonance.

On that note, highlight the ecological development of Bitcoin. Success is contingent upon adhering to the fundamental characteristics of the pioneering cryptocurrency. The legal currency payment system offered by stablecoin Lightning Network has gained prominence. The leading hopeful to watch, especially in clearing systems, regards it.

Dr. Xiao Feng: Blockchain & AGI Collaboration

The conceiving saw blockchain driving the large-scale collaboration networks in a harmonious combination of AI and WEB3. Dr. Xiao Feng envisioned integrating algorithms, computing power, and calculations through blockchain for AGI’s intellectual property. The emphasis would be on registration, issuance, exchange, and transaction processes.

The chairman notably highlighted the pivotal role of developers in steering the course of blockchain networks. In the running away from consumer-driven narratives, he asserts developers will drive top-tier network competition. The article deeply explored Bitcoin’s rise, linking it to global economic challenges. Insights into influential factors were discussed in detail. Countries launching “digital nomad visas” called it a global wave set to define the future of work and innovation centers.

Concluding the message, Dr. Xiao Feng highlights that DePIN acted as a connecting bridge between the real and virtual worlds. The article envisions a shift to commercial applications in L3 L4 layers. It marks a significant evolution in the business application landscape.

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