DeFi Takes Center Stage As CFTC Tech Committee Meets In DC

Mar. 25, 2023
DeFi Takes Center Stage As CFTC Tech Committee Meets In DC

CFTC technology committee discusses DeFi, and talks with crypto executives. The regulator engages in a conversation on decentralized finance. Cryptocurrency executives explain DeFi’s to CFTC. Executives from the crypto industry gave U.S. regulators a crash course on DeFi on March 22.

They covered topics such as digital identities, decentralization, and exploits. Crypto members presented on Decentralized finance issues during the CFTC TAC’s first scheduled meeting in Washington, D.C. At the meeting’s start, CFTC commissioner Christy Goldsmith Romero stressed the importance of understanding how DeFi operates.

She highlighted that policymakers are making decisions about Defi, making it essential to comprehend its workings. Ari Redbord from TRM Labs, a blockchain intelligence firm, started the panel by introducing DeFi and blockchain tech.

He explained blockchains’ advantages, including transparency, immutability, and privacy. Moreover, he suggested blockchains could enable regulators to balance the “right to privacy” and the “need for security.”

Defi Advantages And Challenges Discussed At CFTC TAC Meeting

Redbord and Nikos Andrikogiannopoulos, founder of analytics firm Metrika, discussed decentralization’s advantages and challenges. They concluded that the benefits outweigh the challenges, which they think will resolve themselves.

Andrikogiannopoulos said, “We must embrace and lead decentralization; it can no longer be ignored. Redbord highlighted that DeFi’s endurance smoothly passed the accumulated value test during FTX. This shows DeFi is robust and trustworthy, implying it will stay significant.

As per DefiLlama, the total value locked in DeFi has increased from approximately $15 billion in January 2021 to about $49.1 billion. Carole House, Terranet Ventures’ Executive in Residence, and Jill Gunter, Espresso Systems’ Chief Strategy Officer, presented on current digital identity and noncustodial wallet solutions.

They cited the Ethereum Name Service and MetaMask wallet as examples during their talk. Shaulov and Guido highlighted ongoing market vulnerabilities and exploits. Guido said that hacks in the crypto industry are often discovered by users and other outside firms before the affected company, making it crucial for crypto firms to strive for perfection.

In 2022, the cryptocurrency industry experienced over $2 billion in losses caused by the top 10 exploits. During the year, attackers targeted Defi in 113 of the 167 exploits. Firstly, Shaulov briefly explained the attacks against the BadgerDAO, Ronin Bridge, and the recent Euler Financial vulnerability.

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Therefore, after discussing DeFi, meeting participants agreed to form a subcommittee for blockchain and digital assets, with unanimous approval from all attendees. The panel will pay particular attention to the “why of DeFi,” the issues it addresses, use cases, security loopholes, and suggested legislative and regulatory frameworks.

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