ChatGPT Solana Plugin Enables AI To Access Blockchain Data

Apr. 26, 2023
ChatGPT Solana Plugin Enables AI To Access Blockchain Data

Solana Labs, the development group behind the Solana¬†blockchain, has released a new plugin that allows OpenAI’s chatbot, ChatGPT, to connect with the Solana’s network. This plugin will enable ChatGPT to check wallet balances, transfer Solana-native tokens, and purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Solana Labs has encouraged developers to retrieve on-chain data they may be interested in by using open-source code. According to Solana Labs, the plugin will become available when OpenAI makes plugins available more widely.

The functionality will retrieve information from internet sources and communicate with third-party websites to reply to user requests.

Solana Labs provided a screenshot showing that a certain Solana’s address owns a list of NFTs and an associated metadata link to each NFT that ChatGPT may receive.

Solana Labs did not indicate when the plugin would be available to all users. However, the company is shifting its focus towards AI, announcing on April 25 that it would provide $1 million in funding for projects that build AI tools on Solana.

Some users expressed dissatisfaction with the development, with one Twitter user suggesting that Solana should first focus on developing a ‘working block explorer,’ despite the positive reception.

OpenAI Rolls Out New Privacy Feature For ChatGPT

Solana Labs’ launched ChatGPT plugin. OpenAI added privacy feature, allowing users to disable conversation history, on the same day. OpenAI will disable conversations that users do not want to use for training or improving its models. This will give users greater control over their data.

Conversations started when chat history is disabled won’t appear in the history sidebar. They¬†will record removed conversations for 30 days and review them for abusive content before permanently removing them.

OpenAI has also provided a new “export” option for users to retrieve their data and better understand the information stored by ChatGPT. ChatGPT introduced a new privacy feature in response to Italy’s ban on the platform for non-compliance with GDPR.

Italy is the first European country to prohibit ChatGPT until it adheres to EU’s user privacy requirements. ChatGPT’s developers expect that the new feature will improve ChatGPT’s compliance with GDPR and similar regulations.

Solana Labs’ ChatGPT plugin and OpenAI’s privacy feature for ChatGPT showcase the merging of AI and blockchain. This intersection signals a growing trend towards enhanced privacy and security in AI technology.

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In summary, the collaboration of these two cutting-edge technologies is changing the digital communication landscape. These developments are likely to spur further innovation and growth in both industries.

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