Cardano Killer Innovation To Make It Largest EVM Chain

Mar. 30, 2023
Cardano Killer Innovation To Make It Largest EVM Chain

Sebastien Guillemot, Milkomeda co-founder and leading blockchain developer, claimed that Cardano (ADA) would be the top EVM chain by next month. According to Guillemot, this will be achievable as a result of Milkomeda’s development of a new functionality that would allow any Cardano user to access any EVM contract straight from any Cardano wallet, all within ADA.

Guillemot confidently expects to launch the innovation next month, enabling Cardano to surpass other EVM chains. The blockchain industry has witnessed a significant development that showcases the potential of emerging technologies. This development can open up new possibilities and improve user experiences. It highlights the significance of innovation in the blockchain space.

Milkomeda will soon launch staking rewards for all EVM users and smart contract developers, making Cardano one of the largest EVM networks in terms of user base size. Furthermore, it aims to increase engagement and incentivize network participation.

As a result, Cardano’s fully operational staking rewards system positions it to become the biggest EVM-compatible chain. Guillemot, the person behind this development, encourages interested parties to leverage Cardano’s EVM layer and receive rewards every five days.

Discontent Among Cardano Users Over New Development

A recent development has undermined the authenticity and uniqueness of Cardano as a self-sustaining blockchain, leading to dissatisfaction among Cardano users. They believe that this challenge could negatively impact the blockchain’s reputation.

They interpreted the changes as an effort to make things easier for indolent developers who are reluctant to acquire knowledge of Haskell or Plutus, the native programming languages of Cardano. This stance suggests that some viewed the update as catering to laziness rather than advancing technology.

The Milkomeda network has been experiencing increased activity in adopting Paima Engine, a blockchain gaming innovation from the Guillemot team. The developer has observed the trend and sees Cardano’s potential for dominating on-chain gaming. They believe it can be transformative for the platform.

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This indicates that Cardano’s network is becoming more attractive for developers and users interested in blockchain-based gaming solutions. Adopting Paima Engine on the Cardano network could enhance its capabilities and attract more developers and users to its ecosystem.

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