Binance Teams Up With Coursera To Facilitate Web3 And Blockchain Education

Jul. 6, 2023
Binance Teams Up With Coursera To Facilitate Web3 And Blockchain Education

Binance Academy, the educational arm of crypto exchange Binance, has partnered with the leading online learning platform Coursera.

Educational opportunities will be available to people worldwide through this partnership. However, it will be achieved by offering a wide range of learning programs launched in the coming months and continuing to expand.

Regarding the latest development, Yi He, Binance co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer said the team is excited to announce this partnership.

Yi He stated:

“Together, we’re combining the strengths of two industry leaders with a shared vision – to provide best-in-class education that will drive adoption and build the foundations for Web.”

Further, she said education is crucial for progress and innovation. However, we strongly believe in this principle. We aim to make the groundbreaking world of blockchain technology accessible to everyone.

The programs will meet the needs of two types of learners. One group includes individuals who want to learn the basics of web3, blockchain, and crypto technologies. The second group includes those who want to acquire the necessary skills for a career in the blockchain industry.

Meanwhile, the courses will consist of practice assessments, video lectures, projects, graded assessments, and readings.

Moreover, learners will receive a digital certificate on successful completion of each course. The Binance Academy experts will create the programs. They divide them down into individual courses to make learning and understanding easier.

Binance Academy Is Expanding Its Services

Binance has provided a comprehensive online education platform for a long time. However, the company is introducing new features over time to make blockchain learning easier. Academy now provides multiple courses on cryptocurrencies, Web3, and Blockchain in over 30 languages.

The academy also launched a Learn and Earn program. It enables learners to earn rewards in cryptocurrencies for choosing Web3-focused subjects.

Binance launched Binance Bicasso. It is an AI NFT generator. It allows customers to create unique pictures using AI and turn them into NFTs on the BNB Chain. 

The latest move comes a month after the company introduced Binance Sensei, an AI-powered learning tool. It aims to simplify user research and improve the learning experience. With over 124 million learners worldwide, Coursera is a perfect partner for Academy.

Syed Ali Haider

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