MicroStrategy’s Saylor Integrates Bitcoin Lightning with Corporate Email

Apr. 21, 2023
MicroStrategy’s Saylor Integrates Bitcoin Lightning with Corporate Email

Michael Saylor, a proponent of Bitcoin and co-founder of business intelligence software firm MicroStrategy, has incorporated the Bitcoin Lightning Network into his company email address.

In an April 17 tweet, Saylor shared a screenshot on Twitter showing that he received a few transactions sent to “[email protected]” in the form of Satoshis, the smallest denomination of BTC. Fans of Saylor and Bitcoin have been transferring him 21 Satoshis to test out the feature.

The Lightning Address protocol enabled the integration, which allows users to attach an “Internet Identifier” like an email address instead of copying wallet addresses or utilizing QR codes. It is unclear if the feature is available for all corporate emails at MicroStrategy.

The Lightning Network is a prominent Bitcoin layer 2 scaling option. It can handle 1 million transactions per second (TPS) for a one-time cost of one Satoshi, or around four cents.

MicroStrategy has been extensively investing in BTC since March 2021, amassing 140,000 BTC at the cost of $4.17 billion. According to Buy BTC Worldwide statistics, the firm’s average purchase price is $29,800.

Despite the recent drop in Bitcoin’s price, with it currently sitting at $29,400, MicroStrategy is down only 1.3% on its total investment. Last week, BTC broke the $30,000 barrier, slightly putting the corporation in the black.

MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Investment Strategy

MicroStrategy has been a leader in Bitcoin’s integration in the corporate world. Its investment strategy aims to strengthen the firm’s balance sheet.

Saylor is the mastermind behind the company’s Bitcoin’s investments. The Lightning Network integration is another step towards making Bitcoin more accessible for mainstream adoption. It is a part of his larger strategy to promote the adoption of BTC as a global currency.

They contacted MicroStrategy to inquire about their plans for integrating Lightning Network functionality into more business email accounts, but they did not respond.

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As Bitcoin continues gaining popularity and acceptance, more companies will likely follow MicroStrategy’s lead and integrate it into their operations.

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