7 Best Ways To Make Money With Bitcoin (BTC)

Jun. 26, 2023
7 Best Ways To Make Money With Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC) is the world’s first cryptocurrency. An anonymous person or group of individuals using the name “Satoshi Nakamoto” launched BTC in 2009. It’s like virtual cash that you can use to buy things or trade with others. 

It differs from traditional money because any bank or government does not govern it. BTC operates on a revolutionary technology known as the blockchain. This blockchain acts as a giant ledger, carefully recording and storing every transaction made with Bitcoin.

In early 2017, Bitcoin crossed $1000 for the first time. It reached an attractive price of about $20K in less than a year. It was a big event that surprised everyone. People were either shocked or put everything they had into BTC. However, it appeared to be an unstoppable force, gaining momentum daily.

It is possible to make money through Bitcoin, and many individuals are actively considering it these days. If you decide it’s time to join, learning how to make money online with Bitcoin is worth learning. There are no guarantees of returns when dealing with this highly volatile asset. You can make money when the price increases. However, if the price decreases, money can be lost.

How To Earn Money With Bitcoin?

Here are the top seven ways to learn how to earn cash using BTC:

1. Buying And Holding

Many people choose to invest in BTC by buying it directly. A long-term investment is risky but probably the easiest way to make money. Looking back on history, BTC once reached an impressive price of $65,000 per coin. However, achieving the same or even higher prices in the future is conceivable.

These people typically don’t aim to make quick profits. They believe strongly in the future of cryptocurrencies and hope that their current investment will yield a significant return, perhaps increasing their initial investment tenfold or more.

Most individuals invest in Bitcoin after doing a lot of research. They read predictions and tips about making money with cryptocurrency and spend weeks analyzing statistics and data. However, they strive to make informed decisions and boost their chances of success in the crypto space. It’s definitely an excellent way to generate profits.

The first step to get started is to find a BTC wallet and purchase some Bitcoins from any reliable cryptocurrency exchange. After acquiring, hold it and observe if the price goes up in the future. While it may take time, exercising patience and waiting for the right moment is best. After that, you can sell it.

2. Bitcoin Trading

It is possible to make money by buying and selling Bitcoin within short timeframes. This involves entering and exiting the market when market conditions fluctuate. To enter this method, it is important to understand the high volatility of the BTC market and have the skills to leverage them to your advantage.

Additionally, seeking guidance from an experienced investor with extensive cryptocurrency market knowledge is essential. If you fail to meet the standard, you should stop trading now.

Bitcoin trading comes in many forms. Arbitrage is one of the options available. Using this method, traders seek opportunities on different platforms to make money. They purchase BTC from one exchange and sell it to another at an inflated price.

Another type of Bitcoin trading is day trading. It mainly focuses on executing quick and short trades. So this is a way to make some small gains pretty quickly. 

However, traders engage in this practice by carefully analyzing the market. Once they find small opportunities, they quickly exploit them and make small profits.

Swing trading is another popular form among traders. We know that holding is for long-term investments and day trading is for short-term gains. Swing trading falls somewhere in the middle between them. Swing traders buy BTC at a low price and wait for the price to rise. If so, they sell it at a high value.

3. Participating Bitcoin Lending

If you already have some Bitcoins, you can earn returns by lending them to other institutions and investors. Platforms like Cake DeFi enable users to lend small portions of Bitcoin and earn interest rates as high as 5% APY (Annual Percentage Yield). However, each company has specific conditions for lending. You can also lose your entire investment if the borrower fails to repay.

Cryptocurrency lending is a relatively new category with high risk and uncertainty. However, several platforms discontinued their lending services last year. On November 16, 2022, Gemini informed its customers that they might face difficulties in withdrawing funds from Gemini Earn. This program offers rewards of up to 8% for lending out assets.

4. Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining involves using computers to solve complex puzzles and add new blocks to the blockchain network.

BTC mining requires a large amount of computing power. However, the expenses associated with establishing and operating a mining operation can outweigh the rewards derived from mining.

Bitcoin’s blockchain utilizes a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism. This means miners have the important task of checking and verifying transactions to maintain blockchain security. New transaction blocks are added to the network approximately every 10 minutes. The miner who successfully validates a new block receives a reward of 6.25 BTC.

Meanwhile, you will need a powerful computer known as Application Specific Integrated Circuit to engage in the Bitcoin mining process. In addition, you will have to allocate a significant amount of money for electricity costs to compete with other miners. There is no guaranteed income in this method.

5. Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing

In recent years, social media reach has increased. This has made affiliate marketing a popular method of earning.

Although widely used in many services and products, it is also famous in cryptocurrency. This method is relatively straightforward. You join BTC’s affiliate program, where you promote its services and products. If you manage to get new people to come in and buy, you earn a commission on every sale made through your efforts.

This method is ideal for you if you have social media channels such as TikTok, YouTube, Meta (formerly Facebook), Instagram, or any others. Affiliate marketing brings benefits by encouraging family and friends to join the business. Many individuals like to use this way because it is simple and easy. However, you will encounter it often in this industry.

Some famous companies that offer crypto affiliate programs are Kucoin, Binance, Ledger, and Coinbase.

6. Accepting BTC As Payment

Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular as time passes. Many businesses have started accepting BTC as payment. If you run a business, you can adopt this method.

Owning BTC could be very useful in the future. Additionally, having it will increase your reach and make the payment process much quicker. Adding this payment option to your website is even easier. Customers can easily send you money using a BTC wallet. Moreover, you can store it there until you notice that the coin’s value is increasing.

7. Earn Rewards Through BTC Faucets

Faucets are an excellent way to earn BTC or other assets without spending any money. In simple terms, these are the programs on apps and websites that give rewards in crypto to users who complete specific activities like doing simple tasks or watching videos.

These tasks may include Pay to Click and Captcha. Moon Bitcoin, Cointiply, and FreeBitcoin are some popular crypto faucets websites.

Can You Earn A Lot Of Money With BTC?


Yes, you can generate a lot of profits with Bitcoin. You must be prepared to deal with greater risks for more money. As mentioned earlier, there are various ways of earning. You can start with small earnings and gradually build up to higher earnings through lending, investing, trading, and more.

There isn’t any convenient way to earn dollars in the crypto space. You should carefully examine each method. Select what benefits you the most. Bitcoin investments can be risky and unpredictable. But all investments can’t experience a sudden decline simultaneously.

If you want to feel confident and secure in the unique world of BTC, remember these basic guidelines:

  • Analyze the market
  • Do your research
  • Assess the risks and select the method that you find most suitable
  • Don’t risk everything on a single investment
  • Always take experts’ advice

Bitcoin is worth your investment and time. However, being more careful when entering a very unexpected business is important.  Additionally, there is no shortcut to becoming a millionaire with BTC overnight. It’s essential to be patient with your investments. 

Syed Ali Haider

Researcher & Editor
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